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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays: Why are they better?

Fountain View Family Dental uses “digital” x-ray technology. The investment in this technology offers several advantages for our patients including the following:

  1. Improved comfort
    Although the sensor (film) is rigid, it is smaller with rounded edges allowing for a more comfortable image to be taken.
  2. Less Radiation
    Traditional “film” based x-rays use very little radiation. Digital x-rays use half of that amount to achieve an even better image. When it comes to radiation, less is always better.
  3. No chemicals- Better for the environment
    It is not necessary to use photographic chemicals to develop and finish the images.
  4. Quicker
    The time required is significantly less. Results are immediate which allows for a quicker confirmation or diagnosis.
  5. Improved diagnostic capability and clarity
    Simply said, the ability to visualize the most minute of details and the clarity of the image allows the doctor the opportunity to ensure and maintain a healthy smile.

We are proud of our investment and want you to know that we will continue to stay atop of the most promising technological advances while keeping strict controls on our fees. It is all part of the . . . Fountain View Experience.